Everyone has that place where they can’t help but be happy.
A place where everything is perfect,
Where every stress evaporates into space.

That perfect song plays in the background,
The temperature is comfortably chilly,
And you are surrounded by people who love you.

That little voice in the back of your head whispers,
“Everything is going to be ok.”

I’m looking for a place.
Somewhere where scuffed shoes don’t exist.
Where windows are never smudged.
Where corners remain cobweb free.
A place where laughs aren’t faked.
Somewhere where whispering is in good nature.
Where time doesn’t fly by only the great moments.
I’m looking for this place.
But it only exists in my dreams.

My Own World

December 17, 2009

Step after step,
Careful not to lose my footing.
This uneven ground is famaliar.
In front of me,
The Autumn night air reveals my breath.
I follow the tracks,
Fixating on the dark horizon.
This railroad,
Going on forever.
I could keep walking,
Never stopping.
Maybe I will.