All Kinds of Love

January 25, 2010

Taking  people for granted is the worst thing you can do.

When someone loves you, they understand you. When they understand you, there is a special bond that is made: one that can never fully be broken.

To have these people in your life and not see it is almost as bad as not having them.

So what’s all this about? My shout of appreciation to everyone who has ever loved me, cared for me, and understood me, as well as my attempt to help you see how important one person can be to your life.

Show your appreciation, and realize who you have in your life to love.


One Response to “All Kinds of Love”

  1. pdavis93 said

    I don’t think I’ve ever fully agreed when somebody uses hyperbole like “the worst thing you can do”

    but here, I definitely do. Appreciation of one’s gifts is imperative to live a life worth living.

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