Tabula Rasa

April 16, 2010

A Latin phrase, Tabula Rasa translates to Blank Slate.

Everyone is born with a blank slate, knowing nothing of what the world plans to teach them.

Slowly etched with morals, our slates start to look fairly similar.

Our experiences carve different traits, years upon years adding clutter to the surface.

By the time we are in our teens, we notice the overwhelming facets of life engraved on our precious slates.

We try to erase them, wanting to construct our own priorities.

It doesn’t take much time to realize the etchings cannot be removed.

Giving up, we try to ignore the strangers writing our Tabula for us.

This is the mistake made: you can erase your Tabula.

Leaning what the world has to teach, our slate can be completely filled, leaving a new untouched surface.

With knowledge comes the ability to construct our own life, priorities, and morals.

We are all born with a Tabula Rasa.

Fill it with the world’s insights, then start over and fill it with your own.


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