The Exemplary Years

June 7, 2010

You don’t know

The world around you,

Small child

Lucky girl.

Soon enough

You’ll learn it all,

The heavy burdons

And weightless gifts.

Until then,

Your curious eyes

overlook the invisible,

Painful lies.

Small child,

Lucky girl,

Growing old hurts,

Please stay young.

One day you’ll see

The world you live on

Is complex,

Forgiving to none.

For now you sing,

Filling silence with laughter,

See love in life,

And live contently.

Oh small child,

Lucky girl,

As days pass

You will want them back.

Fall asleep worry-less,

Troubles out of mind.

Sleep will come easy,

But only for now.

Small child,

Lucky girl,

Hold your moments close

And save them for later.

One day you’ll see

The precious life you had

And reach for the memories

Of that small child,

That lucky girl.


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