June 8, 2010

While attempting to read a blog written by a girl my age, I was hardly able to finish scanning through her entries.

Stumbling upon frightening excuses of her “writing,” I found the need to explain the differences between the following:

  1. Someone who attempts to write, considering their thoughts to be important while presented terribly
  2. A writer who organizes their thoughts into understandable, relevant, and distinguished pieces of writing

Now I’m not saying I fit into either of these categories. I am neither a perfect writer, nor determined to be one. What frustrates me is the way this particular girl flaunts herself as a “Writer” while she presents atrocious examples of her prose.

Note, in the following link, her:

  1. Assortment of misspelled words
  2. Lack of text organization (Such as paragraphs, lyrics, ect.)
  3. Inability to consistently construct full sentences
  4. Misuse, of; “punctuation”
  5. Drivels that, after fully read, do not have a thesis of any kind.

Again, I am, in no way, trying to prove that I am a great writer. There is no one correct way to compose words; everyone has a right to compose freely without judgement.

My point is that this particular girl, among many others, displays the incorrect way to create written art. This would not be a problem if she did not advertise her “deserved” title of “Writer.”

Thank you, Lexi, for producing the topic for this blog post.

All credit to you, “Writer”: http://mirthandmourning.blogspot.com/


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