A New Kind of Sleep

June 14, 2010

Sleep comes in waves, breaking the night into modest pieces.

These pieces are filled with the drone of late night cartoons and the flash of your television.

Blankets entangle our legs making the bed a sea of soft warmth.

A rush of air, your yawn, brushes my neck accompanied with a whisper.

“Sweet dreams.” you murmur, sliding down onto my pillow.

“You too.” I sigh, gazing intently at the television.

Eventually sleep crashes into me, coaxing my head to lie next to yours.

In and out of consciousness we drift, tossing and turning.

I wake to  your touch, an arm reaching for me.

Unaware, you pull me close into a soft embrace.

Acceding to your form I relax in your amiable arms.

“I love you.” I mutter, allowing the night to pull me away with you.


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