Shallow Blog of The Month

September 14, 2010

For me, jealousy is a daily emotion.

I’m sure this isn’t uncommon for others, but sometimes it feels like I shouldn’t be feeling it.

I hate to feel petty and shallow by comparing myself to others, but it’s human nature.

There are particular people that I am continuously viewing as a higher status than me.

I see myself and my actions and I think nothing of them; if anything, I see them negatively.

What’s strange about my circumstance is my jealousy and unsureness of myself don’t show through my daily interactions.

Solution: Stop being jealous? It doesn’t work that way.

Self assurance will come with time, as any adult would say. Now, how to pass the time…


One Response to “Shallow Blog of The Month”

  1. JESUS said

    I don’t think it will come with time for all people, circumstances change. Of course you have nothing to be jealous of though. Jesus knows.

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