October 3, 2010

I stood abnormally far from you, staring at the ground while you waited for me to speak. You held a sense of confusion showing in your concerned expression. Stepping towards me and putting a hand on my arm, you broke the silence. “What is it?” you asked, attempting to catch my wary gaze. I shrugged off your arm, stepping further away. “You shouldn’t have forgiven me this easily.” I said, tears welling in my eyes. You sighed a sigh of relief. Confused, I spoke louder and cried deeper: “How could you have possibly let this go? I cheated on you. CHEATED on YOU, the person I love. I hate myself for it. I can’t even…” “Shhhhh…” you hushed, stepping to me so I could feel your breath against my mouth. Running your hands through my hair, you looked down at me and smiled. “You want to know why I forgive you?” you said, your hands resting behind my head. I gasped for breath between my sobs; “Yes…” You finally caught my gaze and I again got lost in your eyes. “Because I love you” You whispered, pressing your lips gently against my forehead, leaving me to stand and relax, shutting my eyes. You pulled me closer, my face burrowing into the crook of your neck. “And I know you love me.” You slowly said, so certain and perfectly right, your arms tightening around my waist. Right then, I knew everything would be okay.


One Response to “You”

  1. asdifuhailsufh said

    Everything would be okay…

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