December 28, 2010

The hardest part about being friends, is loving you so much.



December 25, 2010




I have a particular liking for winter.

The snow is beautiful,

My family seems in a better mood,

and wrapping presents for my grandmother fills my OCD.

Besides these smaller enjoyments,

I like the darkness.

I can stay up late and wake up late.

I putter around the house for a few hours,

Always in my sweats,

Then take a shower around 3:30.

This leaves me exiting the house around 4:30,

Right when it begins getting dark.

I function better when it’s dark out.

I have more energy,

More motivation.

My psychiatrist told me people get seasonal depression,

Usually around Christmas time.

Christmas generally is difficult for me,

But the early setting of the sun makes up for it.

I guess I’m just a defiance to depression.

The Freshmen

December 13, 2010

My best friend took a week’s
Vacation to forget her
His girl took a weeks’s worth of
Valium and slept
And now he’s guilt stricken sobbing with his
Head on the floor
Thinks about her now and how he never really
Wept he says

I can’t be held responsible
She was touching her face
I won’t be held responsible
She fell in love in the first place

For the life of me I cannot remember
What made us think that we were wise and
We’d never compromise
For the life of me I cannot believe
We’d ever die for these sins
We were merely freshmen

Again, and again, and again

December 12, 2010

Racing thoughts.

I can’t think straight.

I’m staying insane.

Say hello to insecurity…

December 11, 2010

I feel threatened by her.
I don’t want to be “that girlfriend.”
I don’t want to be “that friend.”
I don’t want to look worried,
I don’t want to seem insecure.
I don’t want to lose what we have…

I’m Yours

December 7, 2010

Plain and simple:

I love you.