Seasonal Depression… My Ass…

December 22, 2010

I have a particular liking for winter.

The snow is beautiful,

My family seems in a better mood,

and wrapping presents for my grandmother fills my OCD.

Besides these smaller enjoyments,

I like the darkness.

I can stay up late and wake up late.

I putter around the house for a few hours,

Always in my sweats,

Then take a shower around 3:30.

This leaves me exiting the house around 4:30,

Right when it begins getting dark.

I function better when it’s dark out.

I have more energy,

More motivation.

My psychiatrist told me people get seasonal depression,

Usually around Christmas time.

Christmas generally is difficult for me,

But the early setting of the sun makes up for it.

I guess I’m just a defiance to depression.


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