January 25, 2011

1 Can Manderine Oranges

2 Cheese Sticks

3 Rice Cakes

1 Yogurt

1 Fruit Punch Juice Box

1 Ravioli TV Dinner

1 Cinnamon Roll




January 23, 2011

I’m that girl I didn’t want to be.

Neurotic, selfish, crazy… and I’m going to lose you because of it.


Reading your post, I can’t help but reflect back to the many late night conversations we have had.

I understood you, you understood me. We were in it together.

I’ve found my own path, inadvertently leaving you behind in the dust.

Well, here I am now, turning around and holding your hand to help you the best I can.

We know what it’s like… and in that connection, there’s hope for both of us.

So, regardless of my foolish ways, I’m asking for your forgiveness, because I miss those talks, that connection.

I’m here for you. Always, a promise I’m not willing to break again.

On the nightly menu…

January 19, 2011


January 12, 2011

I think about my own funeral way more often than I should.

Speed Bump

January 8, 2011

Things were getting a little… off.

I love you, you love me, there isn’t a lack of genuine care.


We are to used to eachother.

4 hours, at least, every day, with you.


Spend a little less time together.

Make the time we DO spend together even better

Bar none, I love you.

During the year 2010, I took between 4 and 5 pills every day

One for anxiety and sleep

One for depression (two of three on occasion)

One for birth control

That adds up to around one thousand, six hundred and forty two pills

I still gag swallowing each one.

2011 here I come