March 31, 2011

Three weeks ago: Absent for memory loss, confusion, and expressive aphasia due to medication reaction.

Two weeks ago: Babysat, home alone, recovering my memory, personality, and ability to function

Last week: Late start every day because of CSAPs; very little work to be done.

The week: Absent due to cold.

Now, that’s a lot of school days missed. I’ve been sitting here wallowing in my own anxiety, considering the hours of make-up work ahead of me.

School is the only thing that really makes me depressed. It’s full of anxiety… I can’t stand it sometimes.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at my grades (I knew they would just make me more upset).  That is, until today…

Really? Only two classes I should be worrying about? Actually, speech, math, spanish, chemistry, and history isn’t that much to worry about.

All I have to worry about now is keeping this frame of mind. Fuck being bipolar…


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