A trip to the E.R. and blueberry hooka…

June 22, 2011

I feel like this will be less poetic, but it’s necessary to explain it in journal entry form.

After days of consideration, fear, anxiety, and wondering what was right, a few friends of mine (Connie and her son Johnny) took a very close friend of mine to the E.R.

He has been attempting suicide for quite some time now along with dealing with an abusive father. He willingly left his home to be assessed and admitted to Mountain Crest.

I am more than proud of him and know he is on his way to a better, happier life.

Then there’s you… you… love fiend.

I meet you, find you to be nothing but perfect, and realize you are leaving in 5 short days.

Sure, you might return for a few short visits, but you’ll be gone none the less.

So we sit in your room, smoking hooka, looking into each others eyes. I’ve known you for four days, but it seems to be forever.

Sitting here now, I still have the taste of you and blueberry hooka lingering on my breath.


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