You will always make me love you, each and every day.

September 13, 2011

It started with your mother.

She referred to herself as my “future mother-in-law” while discussing traveling with family. It was funny and nobody really thought anything of it.

Then, we caught ourselves in the middle of  King Soopers flipping through a wedding magazine. “Who would EVER wear that?!” you’d say. “I know, right?”

At Whole Foods, we browsed the baked goods. “Best idea ever: wedding cheesecake.” You definitely agreed.

Walking through Walgreens, as nonchalantly as possible, you said “Our wedding is going to be Star Wars themed.” Without missing a beat, I replied with “I’ll wear a metal bikini.”

Sitting in your car listening to Dubstep, we discussed the developmental aspects of different children. “I can only see myself having one kid.” I said. “Really?” you said, surprised. “Yeah, I guess…” I replied. There was a long pause, then “We’re having a boy. I’ve always wanted a boy.”

This all should feel a bit premature, but it doesn’t. Everything feels right, and I’m not letting it go any time soon.

We’re different: we are us. And there is nothing I could ever want more than that.


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