October 2, 2011

Currently enrolled in a Creative Photo class, I am always trying to figure out unique ways to portray my emotions, experiences, and opinions.

Our most recent film assignment focuses on the aspects of ourselves that we like and dislike. Using  36 photos, we must cover physical, emotional: positive and negative of each. Upon thinking of Negative Physical ideas, I decided to open up a little bit and take one of my scars, particularly of my hand ( a quite nasty one ).

I took the photo, then took note of it on my good and bad list. “Wait a second” I thought… Is this scar, a self-inflicted wound from my past, a bad thing? It was painful, it represents something I regret more than anything in my life. But would I want it to fade?

I found the answer to be “No.” These scars on my hands, wrists, ankles, are all constant reminders that I made it through. I beat the sadness, the loneliness, the anxiety. When I see my scars, or when someone asks about them, I don’t lie or shrug it off, I tell my story: one with a happy ending.

My skin may be inconsistent and riddled with uneven scar tissue, but I wouldn’t give them up for the world. They represent my past. Without my past? I wouldn’t be the human being I am today.


One Response to “Reminders”

  1. Witless at Wit's End said

    Love you Kelsey

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