We’re Not Broken, Just Bent

May 5, 2013

More things have exited out of my life this year than I could have ever imagined.

Thing’s I’ve loved, broken, taken for granted. Now, one more thing is going away.

This will be a relief and the end of one of the worst chapters of my life. My reminder or my mistakes will be gone.

This is what I wanted. This is what you would have wanted too. Your request came, just too late and in a very fucked up way.

My future looks promising and I’m excited for it.

I’ve always been one to have silly things to drive my life. “Everything happens for a reason”, that kind of stuff. I guess this is one of them: the slight possibility that something will work out, somehow, someday. Even if it doesn’t, at least that idea got me somewhere.

You are still in the back of my mind. I hope for your happiness and that maybe, someday, our paths will cross again.

Songs don’t make me cry anymore, reminders don’t stop my heartbeat, but they remind me of what we had. I would never want that back again, because it was broken and didn’t work.

I hope that you are following your heart. I hope that you are doing what you love. I hope you are truly, genuinely happy. I wish this to you with all the love in the world.

I have a glimmer of hope for something great, something perfect, for us in the future. True unconditional love is just that: unconditional. You will always hold a place in my heart.

This song seems relevant in a lot of ways… sounds a little too familiar…


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