Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

May 9, 2013

Months ago, you had a brilliant idea.

“Let’s go to every coffee shop in town. One every week maybe. After that we can do all of them in Loveland.”

“Except for Starbucks…” I responded.

I’ve found myself doing this. A few days in a row at the Alley Cat reading got me bored of it’s people and sameness. Yesterday I made my way to Genoa Coffee and Wine where I spent a few hours reading and sipping on coffee. Today I went to Dazbog and did just the same.

I have memories of you in all of these places, whether they be monumental or “insignificant”.

I don’t feel sad, I don’t cry, I just remember. I’m afraid of forgetting you; your laugh, your smile, your voice.

I do this for myself, I do this to breathe, but I also do this with you in mind. No matter the circumstances, I will never forget you, or us. You may be gone, but I will always have these memories. I fight to keep these memories alive.



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